Ouch. After Baadshah, Yo Yo Honey Singh Disses Rapper Raftaar!

Swagata Dam , 21 Mar 2016
Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar
Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar

After a long sabbatical, Yo Yo Honey Singh is back in the scene and we are thrilled to bits about it! But the other rappers from Punjab who’ve made waves in Bollywood in Yo Yo’s absence, might not be too happy about his comeback. And that’s because Honey Singh has been saying things in public that might be a tad too offensive to his contemporaries.

A while ago, when he was asked if he feels his former collaborator, Badshah has taken over the music scene in his absence, he had replied: “Have you driven a Rolls Royce? There is a difference between a Rolls Royce and a Nano.”

Badshah’s close buddy rapper Raftaar had reacted to this statement by talking to a leading daily:

Nano is one car which easily drives into narrow lanes unlike Rolls-Royce and there was one Maharaja in Rajasthan who used to load garbage in his Rolls Royce. When it’s ego speaking, then Honey Singh is not somebody who made us, so we don’t care. He is no body.

Fazalpuria (of the Chull fame) had also said:

It is usually oldies who drive Rolls-Royce and that era is long-gone. Nano is one car which is more seen on the roads unlike the posh Rolls-Royce and whatever is seen in the public-eye sells more.

When recently, Honey Singh was asked by a news portal about Raftaar’s remark, he said:

I don’t know who he is!


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