Everyone Is Freaking Out About Britney Spears' Hot Bikini Photo - But Why?

Aayushi Bhargava , 22 Mar 2016

Just the other day, Britney Spears was chilling in the sun. The singer was having a relaxing time by the pool in a super sexy bikini and she shared the photo with her fans.

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Just chilling ☀️

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Little did she know that this would create a stir. People started acting out because her stomach looked photoshopped!


This is not the first time fans have noticed a celebrity’s photoshopped body. This had even happened with Beyoncé earlier when she was spotted with an abnormal thigh gap. Photoshopping of male and female figures has always been a big topic of discussion due to its unhealthy impact and expectations from a human body.

What do you think? Photoshopped or not?

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