Kylie Jenner's Unexpected Tip For An All Natural & Plump Pout

Natasha Patel , 22 Mar 2016

If one Googles Kylie Jenner, the first few pictures that show up are selfies of her with her signature plumped lip. Now the internet, and the world probably, got over the lip fillers she used a while back. And now with her Lip Kit taking the world by storm, Kylie’s lips are all that anyone can talk about.

When Kylie usually Snapchats, we’ve noticed that her upper lip isn’t as “voluptuous” as her lower. But then, when we check her Instagram feed, their just so damn plump! Now if you follow her on Snapchat, not only will you see her with bae, Tyga smooching out, but you’ll also know her “trick” to faking even fuller lips! (Yeah, that is possible)

Now this is her before the trick…

And here’s the after…

Kinda shocking, right? Check out these videos below to know what she does…

There you go ladies. Lip fillers or not, plump those suckers up by just do what she does. It’s quite easy and painless most importantly.

What do you think?

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