These Celebrities Show Off Swimwear Styles To Turn Up The Heat This Summer

These Celebrities Show Off Swimwear Styles To Turn Up The Heat This Summer

Alisha Fernandes

The clock’s counting down to the long weekend, peeps! And if you guys are anything like me, you’ve already made plans that revolve around a beach, pool or some such water body. Now, granted we don’t all have the fab bodies that these B-town babes are blessed with (and work hard for, might I add!) but we all need some inspiration for swimsuit season. And thanks to these celebrities here it is!

Alia Bhatt is cute in pink and yellow

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt wore these two styles in the movie Shaandaar, but they are totally styles that we could pull off for a day at the pool, don’t you think?

Lisa Haydon is smokin’ in this two piece

Lisa Haydon is so majorly hot, plus she looks like she’s mad fun to boot. Like, I think we could most defs be friends, and I’d be jumping around in this picture right next to her! Anyway, I digress. Just look at this blue and black bikini! It makes a case for mixing and matching your bikini tops and bottoms and also having a little fun while picking them up (yay for fringe!)

Bipasha Basu is HOT in pink

Bipasha Basu looks like she really was in heaven in this picture! We love the hot pink, and we know that comes as no suprise, but I still had to mention it.

Nargis Fakhri is divine in this one piece

Granted this was for a shoot, but get a load of this swimsuit. It is just too hot to handle. And Nargis Fakhri’s sultry expressions aren’t doing anything to help. Is it getting hot in here?

Anushka Manchanda is sexy in blue

Another magazine shoot picture, but who can complain when the subject is so freakin’ sexy? Anushka Manchanda proves that she is a beach baby through and through just from how comfortable she is in swimwear in general. Get a load of the colour though, nice isn’t it? And we also totally dig the criss-cross detail on this one piece!

We gotsta get one of these styles for ourselves STAT! What about you?