#ManCrushMonday: 5 Times Virat Kohli's Selfies Gave Us Major Feels!

Alisha Fernandes , 28 Mar 2016
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli really set hearts aflutter this past weekend, more so than usual, thanks to his stellar performance on Sunday at the ICC World Twenty20 against Australia. And we thought what better time than now, to stalk his Instagram feed and pick our favourite selfies from the many times he’s looked oh-so-yummy & show you that he’s got a sunnies fetish (just like us) too!

Half – frames

Those shades on that face with that haircut – wow!

Classic aviators

Only Virat can look so effin’ hot making funny faces! Those classic Ray Bans are a total must-have, am I right?

The rectangle

This is how you do the “oversized sunglasses ’cause I’m a celebrity” look when you are a guy!

Reflectors #FTW

I mean, how cool does Virat look in these purple reflectors and beanie? He looks so stylish on the move!

Them oaks

Every sunnies junkie has to have at least one pair of Oakleys that they live in. This sporty pair looks like Virat’s favourite.

Sigh. We heart you Virat Kohli. Thanks for the Monday pick me up! Can’t wait to see you on the cricket field again.

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