Did Rahul Raj Singh Publicly Assault Pratyusha Banerjee Recently?

Swagata Dam , 02 Apr 2016


Pratyusha Banerjee‘s sudden demise shocked the entire nation yesterday. While reports suggest that the news of her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh‘s engagement to someone else left her devastated, some reports claim that she was unhappy with the way her career was shaping up. There’s definitely a lot more this case than what is known at the moment. There are many reports and many rumours stating various things and nothing can be confirmed until the police gives an official statement.

According to a SpotboyE.com, Pratyusha was in Carnival Mall in Malad yesterday with Rahul and the two had a really heated argument. It later turned quite ugly and the actress was slapped by her boyfriend in public. Reportedly, she lost her balance and tripped after his assault but he didn’t help her when she tried getting back up.

Now, whether these reports are true or not, only time will tell.

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