The late Pratyusha Banerjee‘s television friends, including producer Vikas Gupta, Kamya Punjabi, Adaa Khan and Shashank Vyas, came together over the weekend to host a press conference. There, they spoke to the media about Pratyusha’s relationship with Rahul Raj Singh, and made some shocking allegations against Rahul.

According to Gupta – who apparently recently offered a role to Pratyusha – she wasn’t in any financial troubles, as she had enough work. Further to that, he said she charged lakhs for a cameo, and therefore had no financial issues. Shashank Vyas echoed that thought.

Pratyusha’s lawyer, who was also present, made a surprising revelation that Pratyusha was actually preparing a case against Rahul for around ten days before her death.

Kamya Punjabi also revealed to the media that Pratyusha told her Rahul was cheating on her. Vikas, too, said that they weren’t a couple in love. Apparently, Rahul’s ex-girlfriend Saloni was cause for issue, and she used to torture Pratyusha. Rahul, according to them, did nothing about it, but instead partied with her. And as per Pratyusha’s lawyer, Saloni was also present at the hospital with Rahul after Pratyusha’s suicide.

This is all incredibly sad.