Introducing The Humans Of Bollywood: The Stars & The Star-Makers!

Priyam Saha , 05 Apr 2016
Humans Of Bollywood
Humans Of Bollywood

What are we but our stories?

Bollywood for me has always been one of the most important influences in my life. Would I have planned my Goa trip with my BFFs if Dil Chahta Hai hadn’t shown me how to? Would I only date people I was really good friends with if Rahul and Anjali hadn’t ended up together? Would I know how to rock my friend’s sangeet if I didn’t memorize Govinda and Karisma’s moves back in the day? Hell, would I have moved to Bombay had Wake Up Sid not made me fall in love with the city? Perhaps not.

And all of this is just tip of the iceberg, really!

So imagine my joy when I found that my sentiment is shared with most members of Team MissMalini. As cliche as it sounds, movies are a way of life. Bollywood isn’t an industry for us, it’s an emotion.

As an ardent fan of Brandon Stanton‘s Humans Of New York, I am ecstatic to introduce my passion project Humans Of Bollywood to you guys. It’s a collective endeavour by the Bollywood Team at (special shout out to Swagata and Rashmi). We’ve been working on it for months now and after endless hours of not agreeing with each other (out of love, of course!), we are very happy with the end product. And obviously this project wouldn’t have been possible without Rishabh Maliwar‘s amazing photographs.

Who are these humans?

Well, everyone who is responsible for anything we love in Bollywood. We’ve got everyone from our make up dadas to A-list stars to publicists to “crowd” guys to industry veterans to producers to spotboys to filmmakers to stylists to “props”… You get the drift, right? Everyone!

Why are we doing this?

Because everyone has a story – the stars on screen, and those who’re off it. We’re just taking our love for Bollywood and spreading it around.

Hope you have fun!

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