Pooja Missra's Twitter Account Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Shreemi Verma , 05 Apr 2016

Pooja Missra‘s account is a lot of fun. Reading her tweets has been my favourite thing to do all day. They’re so original and hilarious, that I can’t stop going through her timeline. Check out some of the gold!

Like this photo, which educates me more about space than Interstellar ever did

Or this picture, where she thinks she’s a cat

She also refers to herself as a Russian spy

And puts up videos for the ailing and the dead (not kidding)

When she went to check out some male strippers

And asked who has a better rack

She refers to herself as the bikini pirate

And puts up totally legit magazine covers of herself

Totes legit

And finally, when she stopped being a voodoo-ed doll!(?)

Good stuff.

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