6 Things Anant Ambani Did To Lose 108kgs In 18 Months

Rashmi Daryanani , 11 Apr 2016
Anant Ambani
Anant Ambani

All anyone has been talking about this weekend is Anant Ambani‘s incredible weight loss. The Ambani scion, who was obese due to medical issues, has lost 108kgs in in 18 months – a crazy feat, especially since he’s said to have lost the weight in a natural way. According to reports doing the rounds, Anant spent around 5-6 hours a day in exercise, and also followed a strict diet and nutrition plan. Here are 6 things he did to reach his desired weight:

1. 21 km walk

No easy task! This distance is about half a marathon, and will take around a minimum of 3 hours to complete even at a brisk pace. A walk like this is a form of steady-state cardio, and is a good option for those who are obese and/or have low endurance.

2. Yoga

Yoga is great for overall health and well-being. It helps with weight loss, is great for digestion and improves flexibility. Medical researcher and yogi Alan Kristal believes that weight loss with yoga may have more to do with the mind-body aspects than anything else, as it helps change one’s relationship with food.

3. Weight training

Adding lean muscle to your body is the best way to burn calories while at rest, and so weight training is a very important part of any weight loss and fitness plan.

4. Functional training

Functional training basically involves training your muscles to work together, and it places a big emphasis on core stability. Functional training includes exercises like squats, lunges, stretches, etc.

5. High-intensity cardio exercises

There’s a lot of talk about high-intensity interval training’s ability to burn fat. HIIT is basically intense cardio punctuated by short recovery periods (sometimes active). This type of training gets your heart rate up and is said to burn fat is less time. It’s also good for your metabolism, and studies suggest that one continues to burn fat even after the exercise is over.

6. Diet

Anant followed a zero-sugar, low-carb diet. Diets like this usually cut out most processed foods – breads, pastas, cereals, sweets, soft drinks etc – and often don’t involve fruit either. The focus of this diet is protein and healthy fats.

Now that’s some #MondayMotivation!

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