"People Take Credit Away From Working Girls" - Priyanka Chopra

Rashmi Daryanani , 13 Apr 2016

Most days, Priyanka Chopra comes off looking like superwoman – not only is she juggling careers in two continents, but she’s also doing a host of different things and excelling at all of them. And while you may want to attribute that success to many different things, PC has gone on record to say that the credit for her work goes to her and her alone – nobody else.

Here’s what she told IANS:

I do have a phenomenal team because they handle two continents of my scheduling and more than anything else, they make sure that nobody gets pissed off because I am spread too thin. But having said that, I feel that I am destiny’s favourite child. I have made sure that whatever opportunity comes my way, I give my heart and soul to it. So the credit of my work goes only and solely to me because I am the one who stands in front of the camera between action and cuts and nobody else does. People take credit away from working girls by giving it to somebody else, saying, ‘Isko toh banaya hai’, but my question is, ‘Koi aur kyu nahi bana abhi tak?’

What are your thoughts on her statement?

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