"Pratyusha Refused To Give Me Any Money And Turned Violent" - Rahul Raj Singh's Ex Saloni Sharma Speaks Up!

Shreemi Verma , 14 Apr 2016
Pratyusha Banerjee, Rahul Raj Singh and Saloni Sharma
Pratyusha Banerjee, Rahul Raj Singh and Saloni Sharma

Pratyusha Banerjee‘s suicide has lead to a lot of speculation. Many people from the television industry claiming that they know much more about the the late actress’s problems. There have been press conferences, accusations and pleas to ban ceiling fans. Pratyusha’s boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh has been accused of driving the actress to suicide and his ex-girlfriend, Saloni Sharma has been mentioned very often as well. In the wake of such accusations, Saloni has finally opened up to Mumbai Mirror about her equation with Rahul and Pratyusha. Here are a few excerpts –

On dating Rahul –

She said that Rahul and she met five years ago through a common friend and they started two event management companies – We started dating only in the last three years of our association.

On finding out that he was cheating on her with Pratyusha –

He started dating her in May 2015 and I only discovered this in July through a few industry friends. When I went to his place to confront him, an inebriated Pratyusha barged in later and told me to get out of their lives. We had a huge argument after which I left them alone.

On accusations that she was the ‘other’ woman in this relationship –

I let it go, but contrary to what is being written, it wasn’t me but Pratyusha who was the other woman in Rahul’s life. She knew about our affair and manipulated Rahul to leave me, urging him to even break all professional ties.

On severing ties with Rahul –

Saloni was barred from entering the building Rahul lived in – “Rahul called my father asking him to take me away. When he reached, we went up to Rahul’s flat where we saw Pratyusha and her parents. When I confronted her, she told us that Rahul and she were getting married and I should get out of their lives. I broke up with Rahul the same day”.

On their failing company and financial woes –

Due to both the companies incurring losses, Saloni, who had invested Rs 30 lacs, would occasionally meet Rahul to collect some money, as the two were sharing the losses. When the money stopped coming, she went to Rahul and Pratyusha’s flat to get answers – “Pratyusha refused to give me any money and turned violent, urging Rahul to join her in assaulting me. They threw me out of the house. She even took my purse, dupatta and glasses, so I asked the neighbours for help. I banged on the door and Pratyusha eventually opened it wearing my dupatta. She returned my stuff and I left. She claimed that Rahul chased after her and due to anger, she hit him in the building lobby. “Pratyusha followed and I hit her too.

On filing a police complaint against them –

Saloni claimed that after this violent encounter, she filed a complaint against the couple in the Bangur Nagar Police Station. “But they requested me to withdraw it saying that if they were put behind bars, Rahul wouldn’t be able to pay the money back. So I took the complaint back. That was the last time I met Pratyusha.

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