Yes Townies, Zara Is Coming Closer To You Now!

Anushka Mulchandani , 14 Apr 2016

You’ve been hearing whispers about it, and ladies, it’s true. Everyone’s favourite high street store, Zara is opening up a store in town! About 50,000 sq. ft of fashion goodness will open it’s doors at Flora Fountain sooner than you think. As it turns out, it’s also going to be the largest International high-street retail store the country has seen. But that’s not all, just wait till you hear how much they’ll be paying in rent. Sources say that Zara will be dishing out a whopping Rs. 30 crores annually with a five year lock down on the space.


Damn Daniel! Can you imagine how much they make in that case?

Since we are all going to be buying a whole lot more of Zara now, here are a few pieces we’ve got our eyes on…

Zara lace jacket
Zara printed top
Zara asymmetric tank
Zara military green blazer
Zara off-shoulder top

Happy shopping!

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