9 Flower Crowns That Will Make An Amazing Summer Hair Accessory!

Natasha Patel , 15 Apr 2016

There are endless ways to spruce up a regular 3 strand braid and ponytails; colourful bobby pins, feathers and many, many more. But in ode of a summer inspired theme, we’re rounding up 9 flower-filled crowns you can wear over your head and look fabulous!

You can wear them the ordinary way

#FlowerCrowns mark the queen. We're loving the #prechella Iooks courtesy of @maneaddicts and @eterie. #AwaphiWildGinger

A photo posted by Paul Mitchell (@paulmitchellus) on

Or turn them around

You can also picture what kind of outfit you’d want to pair it with

Festival season and bikini season go hand in hand! #flowercrown #handmade #bikini #festival #coachella #TheBeachJar

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Wear them wither BFFs

Leaf it out a little more giving it a Grecian vibe

Double it up

We love #lanadelrey and her #flowercrowns #pink #pretty Have a great #friday #flowers #tgif #ohanabyanukdc

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Or keep it simple and pretty

Soccer practice isn't so bad when #FlowerCrowns are involved! #FlowerChild

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Wear it to the races instead of a hat

Or else, just use the new Snapchat filter instead….

Which one’s your favourite?

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