9 Flower Crowns That Will Make An Amazing Summer Hair Accessory!

Natasha Patel , 15 Apr 2016

There are endless ways to spruce up a regular 3 strand braid and ponytails; colourful bobby pins, feathers and many, many more. But in ode of a summer inspired theme, we’re rounding up 9 flower-filled crowns you can wear over your head and look fabulous!

You can wear them the ordinary way

Or turn them around

You can also picture what kind of outfit you’d want to pair it with

Wear them wither BFFs

Leaf it out a little more giving it a Grecian vibe

Double it up

Or keep it simple and pretty

Wear it to the races instead of a hat

Or else, just use the new Snapchat filter instead….

Which one’s your favourite?

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