Are You Alone & Trying To Make It In A New City? Then This Post Is For You! #Confessions

Priyam Saha , 16 Apr 2016

So I’ve been away from home for about 4 years and honestly, I wish I could tell you that all the cliches about staying by yourself are not true – because they are. You get scared, you get lonely, you get freaked out and you make wrong decisions. On the bright side, you also figure out a lot of stuff by yourself, you come of age, you manage your finances better and you make friends who become your family. Being by yourself is a crazy roller coaster ride and if you have the right kind of people around you, you come out of the ride stronger.

I’ve really been digging the vibe of this new web-series called Confessions. It tells a story of 3 friends in the magic city of Bombay and lets us join them in their journey to discover themselves through a series of adventures and misadventures. Sameera Saxena, Raka Ghosh and Nupur Murthy have already got me hooked to this new show.

Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

1. When the girls meet…

#CONFESSIONS First Episode Out

Be a part of the rollercoaster journey of the three girls as they find their way to make it big in the city of dreams!Watch the first episode of #Confessions exclusively here to know what twists and turns the lives of the girls take!Presented by: Myntra

Posted by Confessions – It's Complicated on 4 अप्रैल 2016

2. When they figure that their boss isn’t an easy cookie…

#CONFESSIONS Second Episode Out

From taking the heat at the new office, to beating the heat in the new city. Watch the 2nd webisode of #Confessions – It's Complicated, as Raka Ghosh, Nupur Murthy and Sameera Saxena juggle work, life and relationships! Presented by: Myntra

Posted by Confessions – It's Complicated on 6 अप्रैल 2016

3. When the girls decide to live together…

#CONFESSIONS Third Episode Out

What's worse – working on a holiday OR trying to find the perfect house to rent in a city like Mumbai? Watch the misadventures of Sameera Saxena, Nupur Murthy and Raka Ghosh in the 3rd webisode of #Confessions – It's Complicated. Presented by: Myntra

Posted by Confessions – It's Complicated on 8 अप्रैल 2016

4. When one of them falls in love….

#Confessions Episode 4

A new car and budding pyaar – watch Raka Ghosh, Nupur Murthy and Sameera Saxena as they explore work, relationships and love.To know more, watch #Confessions- It's Complicated!Presented by: Myntra

Posted by Confessions – It's Complicated on 11 अप्रैल 2016

5. When an eye candy comes along…

#Confessions – Episode 5 Out Now

Any and every work place is great with some nice eye-candy around! Check out what's in store for Raka Ghosh , Nupur Murthy & Sameera Saxena on #Confessions – It's Complicated.Presented by – Myntra

Posted by Confessions – It's Complicated on 13 अप्रैल 2016

Coming up…


Lots of other fun stuff. I don’t want to reveal too many details, but let’s just say there’s marijuana, celebrity underwear, love triangles and a run-in with the law!

Stay tuned! Confessions – It’s Complicated airs every Mon, Wed and Fri on Facebook!

You can also follow their adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

This post is in partnership with Fremantle India. 

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