WOW! Woman Traces Her Sperm Donor And Marries Him

Swagata Dam , 18 Apr 2016
Aminah Hart’s Facebook page
Source: Aminah Hart’s Facebook page

Okay. So it has been a while since these reports came online but I somehow stumbled upon this heartwarming real tale only today. And I thought it’s worth sharing here for those who don’t know about it already. Melbourne based-Aminah Hart met her husband Scott Andersen after conceiving his child through IVF. While choosing the football-playing cattle farmer Scott to be her sperm donor, Aminah had no idea that he was her soulmate.

The Australian woman found happiness in her daughter Leila after coping up with the tragic loss of her two sons, Marlon and Louis due to a genetic disorder called x-linked myotubular myopathy. And a happy Hart was even more delighted when she came across Andersen online after her mother-in-law found his photo on social media. After interacting with each other for a while, Aminah and Scott met after Leila’s first birthday and they soon fell in love with each other.

What’s more, the duo walked down the aisle atop a cliff overlooking the ocean in December. Little Leila was the flower girl at their wedding. Hart even wrote and published a memoir, ‘How I Met Your Father’, as a tribute to her late sons Marlon and Louis. Her story might soon translate into a movie.

Well, here’s to love and happy endings!

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