Meet Instagram's Most Stylish Twin Babies - Leia & Lauren

Swagata Dam , 19 Apr 2016

12959987_1551425581819972_1199038469_nThe internet is beautiful, that is only if you manage to overlook the bitter things and let the happy ones grab your attention. Being a film journalist and a Bollywood blogger, I often have to report controversial stories and heartbreaking pieces of news. And then there are times when I come across some really nasty comments on my posts. I tell myself that people are mean and get over it. But sometimes it does hurt a little. We, at Team MissMalini, are a bunch of 20-somethings who are churning endless write-ups every single day, just for you. So cut us some flak, if possible. :) AND AND AND… I’ve decided to contribute towards making this world a happy place, little by little, by regularly blogging about things that make me happy.

Yesterday, I told you about the fairytale story of an Australian woman, who traced her sperm donor and married him after falling in love with him. And today, I hereby introduce you to Instagram’s cutest and most stylish baby twins, Amber Yong‘s baby girls, Leia and Lauren. ALL their pictures are so so so damn cute that I wanted to post each one of those here. But somehow I managed to compile my most favourite ones amongst the recent photos.


Feel free to share the happiness. <3

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