Photos: 10 Sabyasachi Brides That Will Make You Want To Plan Your Wedding NOW!

Anushka Mulchandani , 19 Apr 2016

Now that you’ve opened this post, I’m guessing you’re one of those girls who’s wanted a happily ever after ever since she was a teenager. The only thing left to find is a man who’ll make it happen and the perfect outfit – you might even want the outfit more than the man (I know I do :P). A lot of brides pick Sabyasachi Mukherjee for their big day and once you see these gorgeous photos, you might too. Take a look…

I’m sure she’s happy she found her prince, but I’m sure she likes her outfit more!

See that smile on her face? Yep, it’s the what she’s wearing

Who said you need to be dressed traditionally to get married?

“Ok fine, I’ll take the outfit AND you along”

Cry? In that lehenga? Hell, no!

She’s covered up in love, you can tell

There’s a reason the groom only occupies 1/4th of that frame

She’s wondering if she can wear that all day, everyday!

Of course the groom’s outfit matches hers – it can’t be any other way

Nope, definitely do not need the groom in this photo

See, it’s all about the lehenga. The groom is obviously secondary ;)

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