Photo alert: This Is Why We All Want A Husband Like Rahul Sharma!

Swagata Dam , 20 Apr 2016
Asin and Rahul Sharma's wedding reception
Asin and Rahul Sharma’s wedding reception

Yesterday, I attended two of my really close friends’ Roka and quite unsurprisingly, many attendees asked me, “When’s your turn?” In my head, I was making faces at them and choosing to ignore their question but in reality, I just politely said, “Let’s see”. And that’s because I really don’t see myself getting married to some random guy out there just because I have to. Like every other girl, I want to experience an epic romance with MY Mr. Right and only then think about the future. But where are these perfect men? Are they extinct?

The ones I know or know of are already taken. Actress Asin‘s husband Rahul Sharma seems to be one such man. He’s a true gentleman and he does know how to treat his woman right. See this photo where he’s escorting his sweetheart and helping her manage her lehenga while taking she takes the staircase.

always the gentleman.. #ARwedding #LoveLaughterAndHappilyEverafter #home #delhi

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After all, it’s the little things like this that make our hearts melt. Isn’t it, girls?

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