5 Times We Fell In Love With Shahid Kapoor's Experimental Hairstyles

Sanaa Shah , 21 Apr 2016

Everyone in Bollywood is constantly trying to up their game and go the extra mile to get all the attention needed, either for a movie or just to break-free from their past characters. But no one in Bollywood has managed to ace as many avatars as effortlessly as Shahid Kapoor. Take a look at these extreme makeovers Shahid has been through, and you’ll agree.

When he aced that scruffy puppy dog look and sexy beard!

When he was bald and fabulous!

When he rocked that man bun and my world!

Shahid Kapoor (Source: Instagram)
Shahid Kapoor (Source: Instagram)

When he pulled off the male version of  ‘long hair, don’t care’! 

When she showed us how the Movember moustache is done!

Shahid has managed to steal my heart with every distinctive look. Let me know you feel in the comments below.

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