Remember those little guys? For anyone who has had a trolling childhood (words I’d never thought I’d say), M.A.C’s latest collection will hit you right in the feels. No matter what you say, a ’90s kid’s toy chest was incomplete without a Troll doll. Those cute, furry mini dolls with bedazzled belly buttons and coloured hair that was harder to maintain than my own, were loved by every kid around that world. And if you were THAT kid, you’re going to LOVE what M.A.C has in store for you!

In honor of the upcoming Trolls movie (starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick), M.A.C Cosmetics will be releasing a colourful collection, from lipsticks to glosses, to eyeshadows, which are inspired by these dolls.

The Good Luck Trolls collection will be available in August. And while the pictures from the collection seem limited, our inner 5 year old selves are already counting down the days to get our hands on this vibrant collection.

When I say Trolls, you say makeup. Trolls….