"We Mutually Decided To Abort It Since We Were Not Married" - Rahul Raj Singh

Shreemi Verma , 21 Apr 2016
Pratyusha Bannerjee, Rahul Raj
Pratyusha Bannerjee, Rahul Raj

Late actress Pratyusha Banerjee, whose alleged suicide has garnered a lot of media attention was apparently pregnant at the time of her demise. This is what the doctors have reportedly told the media. Her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh has given an interview to Bombay Times where he has spoken about her abortion, his innocence and the events of the day before she died-

On Pratyusha’s pregnancy –

After she told me that she had missed her periods, we went to the doctor for the pregnancy test. However, we mutually decided to abort it since we were not married and only living in together. I went with her to the doctor for the abortion, but since there was a long waiting, she told me to leave. I, in fact, went the following day to the same doctor to get medicines prescribed for her. We decided to terminate the pregnancy thinking about our future as we were planning to get married in November.

On Pratyusha being aware of his previous marriage –

Of course, she knew about it. My engagement was covered in newspapers. It was in full media glare. It was a mutual separation and the divorce came through in 2013.

On being allegedly in-charge of Pratyusha’s finances –

Everything has been presented to the court and the truth will be revealed in due course. She didn’t have a joint account with me. All the accounts were with her mother. In fact, I was the first one to open her solo account because she never had anything of her own. She wouldn’t have any answer to my questions. I even got her Aadhaar card made. She didn’t even have a passport. She has done well for herself, then how come she didn’t have a single property in her name? She was in depression and had several loans on her name before I entered her life. Her EMIs were not paid on time either. A 23-year-old couldn’t handle that pressure. I knew her for eight months and it was too less a time to get into someone’s personal zone. We started staying together three months ago. That’s when I learnt about the financial stress and depression she was going through. I even spoke to her parents two days before the incident. They never said anything against me in their first statement. If I was torturing their daughter, they would have accused me of her death first. They are doing it under the influence of people around them. I won’t do that two days later as an afterthought. I want them to be with me, who they considered their son, during this difficult time. I still can’t believe that she is no more. I have also been accused of being a father to a nine-year-old kid. I demand proof. Time will tell who is in the right.

On the events that happened before she committed suicide –

Pratyusha, I and a common friend partied and chatted the night away. The latter left at 8.30 am on April 1. We decided to eat out. If we had cooked at home that day, the incident wouldn’t have taken place. When I got up, Pratyusha went for a shower and started drinking again. She had a drinking problem. I told her to stop drinking so much. I left to get food later. On returning home, I rang the bell and it was turned off. My key didn’t work since it was double locked. I banged the door. When there was no response, I started calling her and dropped messages. I went down to get the locksmith to make duplicate keys. In the meantime, our neighbour’s domestic held reached out to me and I requested him to jump over to my balcony from his and open the double lock from inside. The first thing I saw after entering the home was Pratyusha hanging from the fan. I immediately rushed towards her and placed her legs on my shoulders.The locksmith cut her dupatta. I splashed water on her face, started pumping her chest and gave her mouth-to-mouth to revive her. I immediately lifted her, carried her down and sat in the car besides her. I was restless and jumped every signal possible.

On not being able to attend her funeral –

Her parents didn’t allow me to attend the funeral. The police authorities told me that they had an objection with me being there.

Read the entire interview here.

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