Guess Who: This Beefy Actor's Libido Has Gone For A Toss!

Shreemi Verma , 22 Apr 2016
Guess Who
Guess Who?

Before we write about this Blind Item posted on Mumbai Mirror, I think we should add a caveat and state that we’re just writing about it. Whether it’s true, false or anywhere in between is not really something we’re responsible for, because it’s not a blind item we’ve written or found out. On that note, here’s an interesting piece of gossip in the Tailpiece section of Mumbai Mirror

This beefy actor, who’s bulked up even more for the movie he’s currently doing seems to be a little ill these days. The reason for his sickness is supposedly the heavy dosage of steroids he has been taking to maintain his look in the movie. Sources close to the actor, his gym trainers especially, have reportedly said that the actor’s libido has gone for a toss because of this medication. When he does show interest (which has become a rarity), his trainers are required to summon the ladies the actor has ‘mentored’ in Bollywood.

Any guesses? Tell us in the comments below!

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