It’s here, the first episode of the 6th season of this little show called Game Of Thrones is here. Thankfully, there are now legal ways of watching the series as soon as it airs in America so this blog won’t be seen as a promotion of piracy. Anyway, my mind is dark and full of terrors from what I saw and I’d love to share my emotions with you guys. So check out the things running though my head while the first episode aired and let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments below!


1) It’s called the Red Woman, surely it means Melisandre will do something magical here!
2) What could it be? Something to do with that dead body lying around?
4) Duh duh duhduhduhduh duh duh duhhhhhhh!

5) Awwww Ghost’s wail is the culmination of everyone’s emotions during the last episode of season 5
6) I think I need a drink, but it’s like 11 am here and it’s not a Sunday where I can pass it off as ‘brunch at home’
7) Plus I live with my parents so…
8) Something Jon Snow would never know about..his parents..if he doesn’t return…

Jon Snow

9) Okay shut up, positive thoughts only.
10) Who am I kidding, it’s Game Of Thrones! Happy people are the first ones to die.
11) Ser Davos is too adorable for this series. We don’t deserve him.
12) Melisandre needs to up her game man.
13) Fuck you Olly, you stupid git.

Olly Game Of Thrones

14) “I wasn’t much older but you already feared me” – yea I wonder why Ramsay.
15) Umm, what? Feeding your dead lover to your dogs is….what I should have expected with Ramsay.
16) Haha only Roose can bitchslap this horrible man, because he’s equally horrible. What a horrible family.
17) Go Sansa! Go Theon!

Sansa and Theon
Source: HBO

18) So much snow and there’s still no Jon.
19) Give the poor souls a break!
20) For the first time in my life, I want dogs to be defeated
21) “It’s a bloody woman!” Yes it is! Brienne of Tarth motherfuckers!


22) Podrick is fighting! This guy is talented in every way possible. *wink wink*


23) Reek is slowly turning into Theon Greyjoy!
24) “Just come on already Sansa” what Brienne is probably thinking.
25) She is an oath keeper you guys. Jaime’s sword has lived up to its name!
26) Brienne and Sansa, 2 badasses in Winterfell, I could see a spin-off.
27) Cersei is smiling. This is just sad.
29) Aww Jaime, let me give you a hug!
30) Lena Headey kills in scenes like these.
31) She’s made Cersei so much more than just an evil queen.
32) “I don’t know where she came from, no cunning no jealousy like me” – Cersei
“I know” – Jaime
33) “Fuck prophecy, fuck fate, fuck everyone whose not us”. Stop fucking you two, you started this mess.

Jaime and Cersei

34) How does Margaery manage to look so good despite being in prison? That hair!

Game of Thrones (Courtesy: HBO India)
Game of Thrones (Courtesy: HBO India)

35) Hi Sand Snakes! I’m sorry but I just don’t like you guys.
36) Too long since someone died though.
37) I obviously spoke too soon
38) Down with patriarchy?!
39) Ek hi episode mein so many Dornishmen died.
40) “You walk like a rich person, I used to steal from people like you when I was a boy.” – Varys
“I’m glad you’re not a boy anymore, you don’t have a cock” – subtle Tyrion is always subtle. But so happy to see these two! Warming cockles of my heart and all.

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

41) Another red woman?
42) This is a red man.
43) Tyrion and Varys deserve another spin-off
44) “We won’t be sailing to Westeros anytime soon” Ah boy.
45) Jorah and Daario have good chemistry, maybe they’ll get together and become the powerful gay couple this series so badly needs?
46) Is Jorah planning to give Daario his greyscale? That’s nasty bruh.
47) The dothrakhis are back
48) “Pink people are afraid of the sun.” Clearly the dothrakhis haven’t been to Goa.
49) Did Goa exist during this time? How would India look like in the Game Of Thrones universe? Thoughts that keep me awake.
51) Daenerys handling these people like the boss bitch she is.

Daenerys Targaryen

52) Blind Arya is a disturbing sight. Get it? Get it?

Arya Stark

53) Aa gayi saali. What is this “Waif” ki problem?
54) Bloody Regina George of Braavos
55) “I want mutton” – Davos always saying the things that matter
56) “You haven’t seen her do what I’ve seen her do” – Davos talking about Melisandre. She can do a lot, she should do a lot. A lot is expected from her.
57) Oh wow!
58) The Shining got nothing on this.

The Shining
The Shining

59) I knew her hot body couldn’t be the result of just working out.
60) Gotta find this magic locket soon.
61) Basically

62) “Can’t wait for next Monday” – shit only Indian Game Of Thrones fans will wait for the next 10 weeks.