Exclusive: Sonaakshi Raaj Spills The Beans On Styling Shraddha & Tiger In Baaghi

Hrishitaa Sharma , 25 Apr 2016
Shraddha Kapoor & Sonaakshi Raaj
Shraddha Kapoor & Sonaakshi Raaj

We all know that Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff‘s much-awaited movie is releasing this weekend and after getting the exclusive deets on the looks from the song Let’s Talk About Love, we can’t wait to see all the style choices  in the movie. So, we caught up with stylist and costume designer, Sonaakshi Raaj yet again and asked her to tell us all about it.

Team MM: Is this the first time you’re styling for a movie?
SR: No, this is my second film as a costume stylist; Heropanti was my first.

Team MM: How is styling for a movie different from styling a celebrity for an event?
SR Oh! it’s really different. Styling a celebrity for an event is more about what their personal style reflects; while styling a movie is entirely character driven. It is the character who you’re styling and not the celebrity.

Team MM: What were the challenges, if any, that you faced while taking up this project?
SR: Both the characters in the film had a specified look in keeping with the tagline of the film, ‘Baaghi – Be A Rebel’. Tiger’s look required a transformation from a young, careless vibe to a more mature, rebellious, one-man-army kind of vibe. So, we experimented with his look by changing his hairstyle, giving him a tan, a tattoo, leather jackets and youthful clothing. On the other hand, Shraddha’s look was meant to be a transformation from a small town Indian girl, to an urban one, which needed to be very gradual and aesthetically pleasing. She plays an innocent yet charismatic girl, who has a lot of variations in her character, and so styling her involved a lot of research.

Team MM: How did you do research needed?
SR: We had several script/character readings & discussions with the director Sabbir Khan, who himself has a keen interest & knowledge in styling. This made the process very fruitful and engaging. We did a lot of costume trials with both Tiger and Shraddha to know what would work and what wouldn’t.

Team MM: How important is character development in relation to styling and vice-versa?
SR: Character development is very important, especially when your styling a film because you’re not styling the star but the character they play. Costumes are one of the most vital aspects of bringing a character to life. Hence it needs to be absolutely authentic as because it can either make or break a character.

Team MM: Tell us a funny incident that happened on the sets of the movie.
SR: It was a riot shooting for Baaghi. Everyone was more or less from the same age group so we all really had a good time. Shraddha is a major foodie so we all ate so much together, all the while feeling bad for Tiger who could only smell our junk food because he is extremely disciplined about his diet and workouts.

Behind the scenes with Sonaakshi Raaj
Behind the scenes with Sonaakshi Raaj

Team MM: Who did you like styling the most Shraddha or Tiger?
SR: I thoroughly enjoyed styling both, to be honest. This is my second film with Tiger, so by now I pretty much know his style, preferences and size. He’s extremely chilled out and very easy to work with. Shraddha & I have grown up together in school and know each other personally. Our families are friends too, but this was the first time we worked together in a professional capacity and it was a thorough blast.

Sonaakshi Raaj & Shraddha Kapoor
Sonaakshi Raaj & Shraddha Kapoor

Team MM: What are your upcoming projects?
SR: The are quite a few things on the cards, including several shows and fashion weeks. There’s going to be a lot of travelling in the next couple of months, but suffice to say that I am very excited about what’s next!

On that note, there’s only one thing left to do now – watch Baaghi!

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