Here's The Legal Way To Watch The "Unspoiled" Version Of Game Of Thrones S 6!

Shreemi Verma , 25 Apr 2016
Game Of Thrones
Source: HBO

Hi friends! You might be wondering how we came up with 62 thoughts went through my head while watching the first episode of Game Of Thrones season 6. Okay, I know you weren’t wondering, the show is available quite easily on the Internet (you know where), but this time you can watch the episode minutes after its American telecast, legally. Yes! The good people at Hotstar have made it possible for us to watch the greatest show in the world as soon as the United States gets to see it, give or take a few minutes. And before you tell me you don’t want to watch the watered down version of the violent and sexy Game Of Thrones, let me inform you that the version we get on Hotstar is completely uncensored or ‘unspoiled’. The Indian Censor Board hasn’t managed to get its overzealous claws into this one. Which means you will see a grotesque beheading in its full glory and scenes featuring sex and nudity won’t be randomly cut from the episode. Now I know many people will think that it’s alright to cut out the sex, but Game Of Thrones is notorious for incorporating ‘sexposition‘ in the show, i.e. important information between characters is passed on during sex scenes. So any cut of any kind can change everything in an episode. That’s why, stop waiting for torrents and sign up for Hotstar’s premium membership, only at Rs.199 and watch Game Of Thrones (and many other shows) without any cuts or beeps.

Tyrion Lannister

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