By now I’ve figured out 2 things about Sunny Leone. First that she is a big haristyle junkie and second, she loves her bodycon dresses! And today, we uncovered yet another fact about her style. She loves the colour black (just like you and me!). Every third picture on her Instagram feed is of her in a new stylish black outfit (this is where my stalking skills come in handy).  So, without further a-do allow me to show you all the interesting ways Sunny has rocked a black number!

1. High waist + high sheer = high fashion

2. Pair it with florals

3. Pimp it out with print

4. Unique silhouettes FTW

5. Black naked gown – yes please!

6. Take the plunge with monochrome

7. Jazz it up with sequins

8. Accessorise with a sun hat

9. Joggers work too

10. Pair it with a cute skater skirt

Hope you guys made a mental note of all the fun ways you can wear black! Try these styles, coz if it works for Sunny, it might just work for you too!