104 Thoughts That Went Through My Head While Watching Episode 2 Of Game Of Thrones S 6

104 Thoughts That Went Through My Head While Watching Episode 2 Of Game Of Thrones S 6

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Melisandre and Davos
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So after writing my thoughts down after watching episode 1 of Game Of Thrones season 6, I thought this is a good exercise to vent out my feeling about this show online because friends are overrated and I don’t have any. Plus this season has so much going on, so so much, that I really couldn’t resist talking about it. So here they are, the loud, shocked and excited thoughts that went through my head during the second episode of the latest season of the best show in the world.


1) The title is Home. Why so cryptic bro?

2) Is it called Home ‘cuz that’s where my heart is? LOLOLOL JK

3) How does this theme song invoke so many feelings? I asked the CEO of MissMalini.com to play this theme before beer pong, just to make people feel *something*.

Beer Pong
Beer Pong

4) It’s on, like donkey kong.

5) Seeing Robb, Catelyn and Talisa Stark in the “previously on” section makes me tear up.

Game Of Thrones
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6) There will be dragons in this one

7) Hi Bran!!!!!

Bran Stark
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8) A Stark who is alive and not currently in danger is such a warm and comforting sight.

9) Sorry, the Starks are ALWAYS in danger.

10) I like this short haired Three Eyed Raven

The three eyed raven
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11) At least, Bran is standing (in his visions only though)

12) Young Ned and Benjen!!!

13) So cute!

14) “They looked so happy!” No shit Bran.

15) Lyanna Stark is in the visions! L+R=J confirmed!


17) He’s got giant’s blood! Hagrid and Hodor have to meet.

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18) He’s speaking in sentences! Not just ‘Hodor-ring’.

19) Old Nan is young nan here!

Old Nan
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20) “You finally show me something I care about and then you drag me away.” Same Bran same.

21) This scene is giving me major ‘Dumbledore and Harry Potter discussing things’ vibe.

harry dumbledore
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22) Oh God, Hodor also has a very tragic back story, I can feel it.

23) That girl from the ‘Children of the Forest’ looks creepy AF.

24) Meera is sad because her brother died (Jojen Reed, in the Season 4 finale) but her hair looks nice.

Meera Reed
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25) So much snow and still no Jon.

26) Oh, hi Jon! I see, you’re still dead.

27) That Olly makes my blood boil and that has nothing to do with the heat in Bombay.

28) You go Ser Davos!

29) Ghost is feeling the things I’m feeling, basically I’m a Stark.

30) Wildlings!

31) Faithful only to our Lord Commander Snow

32) Wun Wun going all Hulk smash!

Wun Wun
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33) Dolorous Edd is my new hero

Dolorous Edd GOT
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34) See you again Alliser Thorne. Not.

35) Omg are they burning Jon?

36) Is this happening?

37) Usually, I’d be happy with a Kings Landing scene, but today is not that day.

38) Slut shaming Cersei has begun I see.

39) The Mountain is good guy to have around. Smashing faces like nobody’s business.

40) I really never thought I’d feel bad for Cersei. But things change.

41) The sept for me, will forever be known as the place where Cersei and Jaime did it before Joffrey’s dead body. Eww.

Jaime and Cersei
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42) Jaime and Tommen are talking, like normal fathers and sons do.

43) “I can’t even protect my own wife and my own mother” – not entirely your fault Tommen, it was your mom who gave the High Sparrow so much power.

Tommen Baratheon
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44) This High Sparrow is annoying though. At least the Lannisters doing shit is fun to watch.

45) “You humiliated my sister!” At least he didn’t say lover. #SisterLover

46) Ah, I love cocky Jaime.

47) But poor guy, has to deal with the mighty Sparrows, he doesn’t even look like Prince Charming from Shrek anymore.

Jaime and Prince Charming
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48) Socialism vs Capitalism one-on-one.

49) Come on Cersei, be nasty again.

50) “Help me” Tommen is asking Cersei. Kings landing is going to burn.

51) “If I lost my cock I’d drink all the time” Tyrion slaying Varys and Greyworm at one go.

52) “That’s what I do, I drink and know things”. Gonna get this tattooed.

Tyrion Lannister
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53) “The last dragons were not larger than cats!” This makes me more terrified of cats actually.

54) Tyrion is such a cool nerd.

55) And this beard is making him look so much more hotter.

56) Hi dragons! Don’t kill Tyrion, please.

57) Tyrion trying to pet the dragons is me trying to pet someone else’s dog.

58) I’ll stop watching the show if they kill Tyrion. I’m serious.

59) This guy is definitely going to ride the dragon.

60) The imp is now a bro buddy of Khaleesi’s children. Take that Tywin.

61) Fly you guys, fly!

62) “Next time I have an idea like that punch me in the face”. Tyrion talking to Varys is me after ordering a lot of shots.

63) This ‘waif’ needs to go.

64) Stop hitting Arya for the love of God.

65) The she-wolf is getting smarter though.

Arya Stark
Source: HBO

66) Change of scenery for Arya, too bad she can’t see.

67) “Murder the Lord Commander of nights watch?” Roose, that has been done already. *spoiler alert*

68) Lady Walda has given birth. This can’t go well.

69) Oh shit.

70) Serves Roose right though, he killed half of the Starks.

Red wedding
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71) Oh no, that’s a baby, Ramsay you sick fuck.

72) This dude really needs to die.

73) Oh no oh no.

74) I hate this show.

75) Weirdly though, Roose, his wife and their child died just like Catelyn, Robb and a pregnant Talisa. What goes around comes around.

76) Red wedding, Bolton style.

77) I really wish Sansa kills Ramsay though.

Sansa and Ramsay
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78) “I am Lord Bolton”. Prepare to die?

79) Ramsay turned dogs into such hateful creatures. I hate this guy.

80) Brienne is telling Sansa about Arya!

81) Awwwwwww! I think we will sob the most at a Stark family reunion.

82) “I don’t want to be forgiven.” But most of us have forgiven you, Theon.

83) Theon is going Home! Hence the title? Or is there something more?

84) Why is Balon Greyjoy (Theon and Yara’s father) walking on such a narrow bridge on such a stormy night?

85) He’s gonna die.

86) Is that Darth Vader?

Darth Vader
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87) “I don’t mock the drowned god, I am the drowned god”. Speaks like a psycho villain for sure.

88) See! I’m a soothsayer.

89) Well, I was never really invested in Balon.

90) We now present to you – Euron Grejoy, the pirate from Pyke.

91) Yara is feeling what Hilary Clinton feels on a daily basis.

Yara Greyjoy
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92) Davos and Melisandre are talking…

93) She’s young and hot again.

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94) This conversation –
Davos: I’m talking about the Lord Commander.
Melisandre: The former Lord Commander.
Davos: Does he have to be?

95) Omg Omg Omg!!!!

96) Davos giving Melisandre a pep talk by reminding her of that horrible shadow baby she created with Stannis to kill Renly Baratheon.

Shadow baby
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97) “Fuck all of them”. Davos and Jaime are saying similar things but to the best effect.

98) Do your thang gurrrrl.

100) She’s a magician AND a barber.

101) This is like a very creepy spa.

102) Ghost…

103) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

104) Welcome ‘home’, Lord Commander Snow.https://blindmidnightsoul.tumblr.com/post/143725320333