5 Emotions We Felt When KFC Brought Us The KFC 5-in-1 Meal Box!

Shreemi Verma , 02 May 2016
KFC India
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We at Team MissMalini are obsessed with the concept of food. Seriously. To top it off, if someone gives us free food, then those guys become more special to us than our family (maybe that’s a lie but, at that moment nothing seems to be more true). That’s why when the cool people at KFC India brought us their KFC 5-in-1 Meal Box, we felt a range of emotions, like these –


Miley Cyrus (Source: giphy.com)
Miley Cyrus (Source: giphy.com)

That’s a lot of food for a meal box! How are they so kind?

Sudden hunger

Source: Giphy.com

Oh, yea, I can totally finish off a Chicken Zinger, a potato hashbrown, 2 hot wings, one Chocopie and drown it with the Pepsi. Totes.


Overly attached (Source: Giphy.com)
Overly attached (Source: Giphy.com)

Just look at those wings, that delicious fried chicken. This was made with special care, only for me, I know it.


Source: Giphy.com

I love you KFC.


Source: Giphy.com

Need a bed to sleep in and dream about all that delicious chicken I just ate.

Aren’t they the best? Each meal box consisted of a Chicken Zinger, a potato hash-brown, 2 hot wings, one Choco-pie and a Pepsi. Not a fan of burgers? KFC has an equally delicious rice meal for us desis too, which includes a rice & gravy bowl, a big piece of hot & crispy chicken, 2 pieces of chicken hot wings, one and Choco-pie and a Pepsi. Clearly, this meal box promises to be #SabPeBhari!

To commemorate the launch of this delicious all-new 5-in-1 Meal Box, KFC partnered with the iconic Dabbawala to deliver the KFC Meal Box in true Mumbaikar style! Carrying KFC 5-in-1 Meal Boxes for the first time ever, the Dabbawalas made their way through the streets of the city to a wide section of food lovers and media. The dabbawalas also surprised their existing customers with complimentary 5-in-1 Meal Boxes along with their ordinary meal. Check out the amazing video right away!

What a memorable lunch!

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