These Simple Yoga Moves Will Make Your Neck & Shoulder Pain Disappear

Swagata Dam , 03 May 2016

neck-pain-o (1)I will turn 25 in August. But my metabolic age is 40+ (I was super heartbroken when my dietitian friend broke that news to me). I weigh much more than I should, according to my height. And I feel like a lethargic oldie almost all the time. I try eating healthy and go for evening jogs every now and then. I even drop a few pounds every time I manage to stick to a regime. But my will power sucks so I always end up going back to where it all had started. And this circle continues. Last year, I had written an open letter to all the girls out there who are trying to lose weight like me and I was determined to do it. 2016 was supposed to be different! If only.

To add to that, working in front of the computer for hours has had a very negative impact on my health. And I often suffer from severe pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I have realised the lack of regular physical activities and my sedentary lifestyle are doing no good to me. So I have decided to change that. I recently ran a marathon and I’ve registered for another upcoming one. Running 10 kms is no cakewalk so I force myself to practice everyday. I am also trying to watch what I eat.

And most importantly, I came across this YouTube video of yoga stretches for neck and shoulder pain relief, which has worked like magic for me! If your pain is too severe, then you should probably go to a physiotherapist. But otherwise, you can give this a try. I have too many friends who have found relief after following this 25-minute  routine.

I had recently mentioned how I’ve consciously decided to blog nice things that contribute in making this world a better place. That’s exactly why I blogged this yoga video.

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