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Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez

We live in a world of instant gratification. Sure, we know that exercise and good eating habits can make all the difference to our body, but what’s a girl gotta do when she needs immediate results? Turn to makeup, of course! Follow this 5 step guide to faking your way to a toned (albeit temporary) bod.

Step One: Exfoliate

This step is the key to your look. Gently rub an exfoliating scrub, like The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub, in circular motions along your body. Pay special attention to the rough spots on your elbows and knees.

Source: The Body Shop
Source: The Body Shop

Step Two: Moisturise

Notice how all your favourite cover models have supple skin? Whilst your body is still damp from a shower, massage in a rich lotion or cream to seal in the moisture. We love Nivea’s Smooth Milk Body Lotion for its hydrating properties.

Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion
Source: Nivea

Step Three: Mitt Up

Streaky, bronzed skin is our worst nightmare. Avoid mishaps by choosing a good pair of tanning gloves, like St. Tropez’s Applicator Mitt, to ensure even application.

Source: St. Tropez
Source: St. Tropez

Step Four: Bronze Away

Self tanning lotions can give you the sun-kissed look you are dreaming off. Pump a small amount onto your mitts and apply across your body in fluid, even strokes. Allow the lotion to dry off completely before wearing your outfit. Products such as L’Oreal Paris’ Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Lotion are the perfect for the job.

Source: L'Oreal Paris
Source: L’Oreal Paris

Step Five: Get Your Glow On

When done correctly, highlighting can bring out the best features of your body. Dot on a golden-toned product, like Benefit’s Sun Beam, along your shins, collarbones, shoulders and arms for gleaming, Goddess-like skin.

Benefit Sun Beam Highlighter (Source: Benefit Cosmetics)
Source: Benefit Cosmetics

With these tricks up your sleeve, skipping a day at the gym won’t feel so bad!