Life Through The Eyes Of Syrian Refugees: Finding Strength In Their Stories

Deepak Ramola , 09 May 2016
Syrian Refugees | Zacharie Rabehi
Syrian Refugees | Zacharie Rabehi

Remember leaving home at 18 for college? Moving to an entirely new city for work? Or settling yourself into a completely foreign environment post the wedding? Remember the nervousness, the insecurities, the adjustment, the struggles, the miracles and most importantly, the hope that it’ll all be all right?

Now, imagine all those emotions for a 4-year old child who had to flee his homeland due to war. Imagine a pregnant woman curled up in a rickety boat in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine a well-educated man, now homeless and separated from his own children. Sadly, what we can barely even imagine has become life’s reality for millions and million of people.

More than 4 million people have migrated out of Syria and other neighboring countries to Europe, due to life threatening circumstances in their native countries.

THIS is what inspired me to start Project FUEL – an effort to collect life lessons from people affected by the recent migration, driven primarily by conflict in Syria. The project is on a mission to document and teach life lessons of the refugees, as well as citizens of countries that have provided asylum to them. Our team, travelling to Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Hungary, will be sharing all these stories with the rest of the world.

I have personally interacted with more than 41,000 people including the differently-abled, tribal and underprivileged, from the ages of 4-96 years old. And let me tell you, they ALL have a story to tell; a story that is worth our hearing.

All the refugee organizations we have spoken to believe that this project can help the refugees become part of the new societies, with dignity and respect. But we need your help to make this project a reality.

To be able to execute this successfully, we are raising INR 30 lakhs (approx. USD 50,000) through crowdfunding, within the next 33 days. It’s an all or nothing policy of the crowdfunding platform and therefore, every small contribution matters.

To donate, please click here. We can’t make this Masterpiece Tour happen without, so please contribute now – because some things are just worth doing.

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