75 Thoughts That Went Through My Head While Watching The Third Episode Of Game Of Thrones S 6

Shreemi Verma , 09 May 2016

‘Oathbreaker’ the third episode of the sixth season of Game Of Thrones is out! In the last one, we saw someone literally rise from the dead, and in this episode, it looks like he’s going to fuck shit up. The story is moving at such a breakneck speed, I really think I’m going to watch all the seasons again, after this one ends.


1) Guess who’s back? Back again! Bastard’s back, tell a friend!

2) Look at him, so full of life.

Game Of Thrones
Source: Tumblr.com

3) I hope he leaves the Night’s Watch and gets himself a pretty girlfriend.

4) I talk exactly like my mum. Guess it happens with age.

5) But no one will be as special as Ygritte. At least they’re together IRL

6) He rises!

7) Nice bum Kit.

8) Davos and Melisandre make such a winning team, too bad it didn’t work for Stannis.

Melisandre and Davos
Source: YouTube.com

9) Kit Harrington should submit this episode for the Emmy’s

10) This conversation is proof that not much has changed:

Melisandre: What did you see after they stabbed you?
Jon: Nothing

Source: Giphy.com

13) Will Mel now make shadow babies with Jon?

14) “It’s completely fucking mad”. Davos always speaks my mind.

15) He’s totally a Hufflepuff though. I like that

16) Only Tormund can crack a dick joke on such an intense occasion.

Tormund Game of thrones
Source: gameofthrones.wikia.com

17) “Your eyes are still brown”. Nice way to throw shade at the speculators who believed Jon’s eyes would turn purple like Daenerys or ice blue like the White Walkers.

23) Jon’s more Stark than Targaryen thus proved.

24) Sam and Gilly  are currently in the Westeros adaptation of Dil Dhadakne Do.

25) Think they’ll suddenly break into a Gallan Goodiyan?

26) Omg! The tower of joy!

27) Omg! Young Ned!

28) Omg! I’m not ready for this!

29) Bran is seeing his dad. :’)

30) If I was taught History like this, I’d top the class.

31) Look at Bran and Meera’s fathers trying to get Lyanna Stark out of there.

32) “Tower of joy” does sound like a sleazy strip club though.

33) Ooooh! Honourable Ned Stark’s man stabbed Arthur Dayne in the back! Naughty, naughty.

34) What’s in the tower? Apart from ‘joy’ of course.

35) Did a young Ned really hear Bran scream out to him?

36) Stop it you bloody Three Eyed Raven!

37) We all want to go back Bran!

38) “You must learn everything”. This boy was pushed down a tower where he saw siblings having sex, lost his legs, escaped from a traitor friend, saw one of his best friends die, walked a million miles and got to this place. He has learnt a lot! Cut Bran some slack for the love of god.

Bran Stark
Source: HBO

39) The house of the Widows, they could make a reality show in there.

40) It is known.

41) The makers lost an opportunity to show boobs. Is Game Of Thrones finally done with unnecessary nudity?

42) Everyone here is a wife of some great Khal Daenerys, your speech won’t work here. Only these guys will.

Dragons Game Of Thrones
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43) Lord Varys is the perfect combination of brains and balls. Too bad he doesn’t have the physical ones.

44) I love him, so quietly intimidating.

45) “Your boy is in no immediate danger.” Immediate being the operative word.

46) Tyrion is so bored, I bet he misses Cersei and their talks.

Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones
Source: Tumblr.com

47) Hahah! Tyrion is playing a drinking game with Greyworm and Missandei! This is the best.

48) Missandei: “We do not drink.”

Tyrion: “Until you do.” How does he always manage to say lines that’ll soon be on t-shirts?

Tyrion Game Of Thrones
Source: wanelo.com

49) Hahahahaa! ‘Never Have I Ever’ Meereen edition. Tyrion invented this game apparently!

50) Oh, so these guys are Varys’s ‘little birds’. Poor, hungry children who just want sweets. 

51) Qybrun is taking over Varys in Westros?

52) What’s in your head? In your head? Zombie Zombie Zombieeee e e e e. 

ROBERT-STRONG game of thrones
Source: winteriscoming.net

53) Hi Jaime. Marry me.

54) A new trial by combat? This is definitely going to be Cleganebowl.

55) This dude Pycelle is still alive? He let out a fart when he saw Robert Strong! Hehehehe

Pycelle Game Of Thrones
Source: Tumblr.com

56) “Margeary is the Queen” I love how Lady Olenna Tyrell rubs it in, despite the presence of Robert Strong.

57) I have a feeling Kevin Lannister will die soon.

58) Poor Tommen, as a great person of Reddit said – he’s just a kitten trying to be a lion.

59) Arya is basically daredevil.

60) The most twisted therapy session I’ve seen.

61) Don’t you dare call it a ‘funny little list’ you little bitch.

arya game of thrones
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62) “Your father was a cunt”. Appropriate way of remembering Roose Bolton.

63) Oh no! Hi Rickon after 2 seasons, why are you with Ramsay Bolton?!


65) Dude. Jon Snow is sex on legs.

66) This Alliser Thorne is throwing shade even before dying.

67) “You’ll be fighting battles forever”. No he’ll live a happy shiny life, won’t you Jon?

68) Fuck off Olly.

69) He did fuck off eventually, to hell.

70) Okay, I feel a little bad. He was just a kid whose parents had been butchered by the Wildlings. But you don’t betray the guy who saved you bro.

71) Lord Commander Dolorous Edd?!

72) “My watch has ended”. Jon did die technically, so it’s cool, no oaths have been broken.

73) You know what this means right? This means Ramsay and Jon will face each other in battle. Soon, very soon.

74) The Battle of the Bastards.

Game of thrones
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75) Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

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