A Rapper Lashed Out At Zayn Malik With Racist Abuses Like "Punjab" & "Curry Scented B*tch"

Aayushi Bhargava , 11 May 2016

Zayn Malik recently released his latest music video Like I Would and rapper Azealia Banks accused him of copying her Yung Rapunxel video.

She Instagrammed:

Zayn then tweeted saying:

Even though he didn’t mention who he was talking about, Azealia’s rant after that just proved that she got some hint!

She showered him with abuses like “Punjab” (yup, that’s apparently an abuse) and “curry scented bitch”:

And you can ride Punjab too!

All of this did not go down too well with his fans and of course, the backlash that followed was awesome!

And in no time, #curryscentedbitch became a trend:

Proud to be #curryscentedbitch!

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