Shilpa Shetty Kundra Talks About Why The Sari Is Her Go-To Outfit!

Alisha Fernandes , 11 May 2016

We caught up with Shilpa Shetty Kundra for a quick chat just before she jetted off to good friend Bipasha Basu‘s mehendi. And she told us why she loves the sari so much and other thoughts on the quintessential Indian garment. She’s one of B-town’s ladies who look so freakin‘ good in a sari that we just HAD TO find out whether she had any secrets up her sleeve. We have to say that she made such a persuasive argument for the sari as a summer outfit that I’m more than tempted to ditch the lehenga (my favourite!) and go for the sari instead, for the next summer wedding on my calendar.

Watch the video to see Shilpa talk about the sari and the many reasons it should be a style staple in your wardrobe, if it isn’t already. And also, just to look at how astoundingly beautiful she is. And stay tuned for a video of Shilpa showing us how to drape a chiffon sari on Team MissMalini‘s, Sanaa Shah!

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