Have You Heard MissMalini's #DirtyLittleSecret?

Alisha Fernandes , 18 May 2016

We already gave you a little sneak-peek into what a day as a fashion blogger really looks like, and almost as if to drive to point home about how much fun we have, we wanted to tell you about a massively fun music video shoot that #BossLady MissMalini & PocketStylist were a part of. BBlunt India orchestrated the first-ever blogger music video for their Dry Shampoo anthem. Besides being the catchiest beat we’ve heard in a while, it was great fun to watch Adhuna Bhabani get down and dirty with some of India’s top fashion bloggers.

This fun track has got the whole blogosphere buzzing because it reveals everyone’s #DirtyLittleSecret. And before you even ask, no, we’re not going to tell you what it is. Just watch the video. We promise you won’t be sorry! There’s even a super cute Insta short of MissMalini for you to watch:

Now shhhh! don’t tell Nowshad Rizwanullah!

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