This Pakistani Pornstar Wears A Hijab In Her Films - All For Women Empowerment!

Priyam Saha , 18 May 2016
Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali

Pakistani-American pornstar Nadia Ali‘s current claim to fame is that she wears a hijab in her porn films. According to her, this is her way of sending out a strong message about women’s sexuality and how its been suppressed all this while. She’s part of a controversial adult film called Women of the Middle East and its tagline reads:

They may look suppressed, but given an opportunity to express themselves freely, their wild, untamable natural sexuality is released. This may just be what was in Bin Laden’s porn collection, experience it for yourself.

In an interview to The Daily Beast, she said:

I’ve been told, ‘you’re not a Muslim, you’re a disgrace to Pakistan, Pakistan won’t accept you,’ but I do come from a Middle Eastern background and I am Muslim, not the way my parents are, but by practice. My sister covers her head, she’s modest, married, and has kids. My mom covers her head and prays five times a day, I pray two times a day but I’m still a practicing Muslim.

She added:

It’s more than porn, it’s more than sexuality. Doing porn was a breakthrough in how women should be able to masturbate; women should be able to do these things. I want to be a voice for women in the world. I am all about the women’s movement and want to help other women take a stand. I also support my fellow men that are part of the positive movement, but I’m against sexual double standards. Being in America, I can be a voice for Islamic women—someone has to be. Even if I have to hit the headline news over and over again in a negative way, then let it be. It needs to be heard, and I am glad I have done these things. Women, you need to be strong and build your own empire, no matter how long it takes. Pass that strength onto your next generation; stick up for your sons and daughters. You don’t need a man to start a revolution.

Read her entire interview here.

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