Inside Photos: The Cast Of Housefull 3 Chilling With Asin & Rahul Sharma

Shreemi Verma , 25 May 2016

Akshay Kumar shared one cool photo of the cast of Housefull 3 gatecrashing Asin and Rahul Sharma‘s house in Delhi. But we now have proof of all the fun they had inside the house! Here are some of the fun photos Asin’s fanclub shared on Twitter, (which, in turn, have been taken from Jacqueline‘s Snapchat) check them out!

Housefull 3
Source: Instagram @akshaykumar
Jacqueline, Asin and Abhishek
Source: Twitter @/Actor_AsinFC
Asin and Jacqueline
Source: Twitter @Actor_AsinFC
Jacqueline, Asin, Abhishek and Jackie
Source: Twitter @Actor_AsinFC
Asin, Jacqueline and Jackie
Source: Twitter @Actor_AsinFC

Fun times!

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