This Actress Opens Up About Hiding Her Divorce & Kids For Bollywood

Priyam Saha , 26 May 2016
Waluscha De Sousa
Waluscha De Sousa

We interviewed Waluscha De Sousa for Humans Of Bollywood and the woman opened her heart out about Bollywood, double standards, and the changing face of the industry.

Excerpts from the interview:


My life took a different turn when I fell in love, when I was 19. I was a complete romantic, and it hasn’t changed me – I’m still a die-hard romantic, even till date. I went with the flow, with what my heart was telling me to do at that time. It felt like the right thing to do. I don’t fight life necessarily, I feel like we have this one life to live. Maybe a part of me was in a hurry to experience life and experience what it’s like to be married. It was the dream life that I thought could be reality… so I followed my heart, did what it made me do, and no regrets whatsoever. Then of course I got really busy with a completely different life… whether it was dance, or music, or acting – it was all a passion that I sort of put aside for a while because I dedicated my life towards family. So i feel like I’ve lived my life in reverse: a lot of girls, they go after their careers, make something out of themselves and then settle down. For me, I did that initially… and now I have all the time to concentrate on what I do and what I love doing, and take it forward!


I had my babies really very young, and at 20 I started getting ‘mother roles’ for TV commercials – overnight. People didn’t for a second stop to think that this girl is only 20 years old. So I faced it at that point. And although you had a few people that said ‘Waluscha, no, it has changed, the industry has changed’ you had a lot of people saying to hide this fact as well. So I had to sort of fight with myself, thinking what am I going to do – can I hide it? Should I hide it? And then I said that you sort of live a double life, you’re living a life for the camera and one for yourself when you get back home… and it tears you up from within, because you’re not being honest to who you are. So a lot of people were like Waluscha you’re throwing yourself in front of a bus right now, but [being honest] gives you a sense of freedom – it is who you are, and if you’re going to shy away from who you are, you’re never going to be free. That’s going to close you up even as an actor, I feel. And emotionally, it will tear you.

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