Ileana D'Cruz On Her Relationship With Her Australian Boyfriend

Aayushi Bhargava , 26 May 2016
Ileana D'Cruz and Andrew Kneebone
Ileana D’Cruz and Andrew Kneebone

Ileana D’Cruz has been in a steady relationship with Australian photographer Andrew Kneebone. The couple is adorable and if you their Instagram profiles, you can see how beautifully he photographs her. She is his muse and we all can see it.

Ileana has never spoken about her relationship and when asked about it, she told IANS:

I am not the sort of person who sweeps things under the rug. But I just don’t like talking about it because I feel that in a personal life, there is also another person and it’s not fair to the other person. For now, I am not really keen on talking about it openly. It’s out there. I am not going to hide it. I am not going to have the person to come in from a separate entrance. But I just don’t want to talk about it.

Ileana will now be seen in Rustom along with Akshay Kumar.

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