69 Thoughts That Went Through My Head While Watching The 6th Episode Of Game Of Thrones S 6!

Shreemi Verma , 30 May 2016
Source: HBO India

We lost the bravest gentleman the world has seen last week. I was really thinking of giving up this show after the heartbreak Hodor and Summer‘s death caused me. But old habits die hard and because I’m in an abusive relationship with Game Of Thrones, I had to watch the latest episode and share my thoughts with you. Blood Of My Blood, the 6th episode of the series is surprisingly non-violent. You might not even need therapy after watching this one.  Here are my thoughts.


1) Can’t give up on this stupid show can you Shreemi?
2) It’s not a stupid show.
3) Hodor is still dead though
4) But the title track manages to calm me down as well as prepare me for war. Wtf is that?
5) Bran is such a drag (sorry)
6) He’s still in that zone!
7) Is this a flashback of all seasons?
8) Was that the Mad King????
9) Was that Jaime killing the mad king?
10) Omg have to watch again!
11) It was the Mad King (who wanted to burn them all)! This is where it all began. I love Bran. 

Game Of Thrones
Source: https://www.reddit.com/user/I_AM_A_SKELETON

12) But Hodor is still dead.
13) The White Walkers are back! No rest for the dead. 
14) Summer and Hodor ko maar ke khushi nahi mili?
16) Benjen Stark motherfuckers! (In case you have forgotten, he is Ned Stark’s younger brother who was the member of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow’s inspiration, he vanished in the first episode of season 1 itself). 

benjen stark
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17) Okay, I love this show again. 

Source: Tumblr.com

18) But, that ended too soon.
19) Gilly and Sam, the happiest couple in Westeros as of now. 

Game Of Thrones
Sam and Gilly

20) So Sam’s dad is Twyin’s replacement. Well, I hope he meets his fate like the senior Lannister. 
21) Baby Sam currently has the best life. Thank god. Shouldn’t jinx it.
22) A happy family moment in Game Of Thrones is warming the cockles of my heart.
23) Margaery’s ‘Walk of Shame’ time?
24) I can’t stand it. I don’t want to see it. 

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

25) Tommen and Margaery make a cute couple though.
26) “You’re the best person I know” – Tommen, bro, the only other people you know are the Lannisters and they kinda suck.
27) So Margaery is accepting this faith thing for Loras and Tommen will become this High Sparrow’s puppet for his hot wife. I kinda miss Joffrey now, that little git.   

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28) Omg! Gilly looks so pretty!
29) Makeover at the Tarlys
30) Sam’s dad looks deadlier than Tywin, and that’s saying something. 
31) That’s Cormac McLaggen from Harry Potter! He’s the younger ‘perfect’ brother of Sam. Ugh. 

Harry Potter
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32) Listen McLaggen, Sam has killed a fucking White Walker and you’ve killed a deer. So shut it.
33) So Daddy Tarly likes to fat shame.
34) You go Gilly.
35) She’s a wildling and she’s better than you.
36) Mrs Tarly is a BAMF too.
37) Woohoo! Sam took his dad’s sword and fucked off like the badass he is.
38) I love how Arya is laughing at Joffrey’s death in that play. 

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

39) They’re making Cersei look like ‘Mother of the Year’. Okay, she probably is. 
40) So this play’s Sansa wants Cersei’s role. That’s why she hired a faceless assassin? Seriously?
41) Hahahaah Twyin’s death is actually funny in hindsight.
42) Arya and fake Cersei are bonding.
43) “You have no right to an opinion” – this guy sounds like the people who want to change the term ‘feminism’ to ‘equalism’ or some shit. 
44) Oh shit Arya!
45) That fucking Waif has been following her around? Like, why are you so obsessed with her?
46) Needle!
47) Is she finally leaving this horrible place? Thank god, I’m sick of this gloomy palace and Arya getting hit all the time. 
48) I could have done without seeing a man’s face being removed though.
49) Hi Jaime. Marry me. 

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

50) Mace Tyrell’s gorgeous helmet is on fleek. Such flair!
51) Jaime is practically rolling his eyes.
52) Dude. That’s a fucking hot move. Making a horse climb the stairs.
53) That was a cool twist though, well played High Sparrow. 
54) Jaime, never shave off that stubble.
55) Thank God he’s leaving this stupid Kingsguard. You do you, you sexy lion.
56) Walder Frey. I see there’s a miserable woman next you, as always. What is he like a 1000 years old? Will Tanmay Bhat be arrested if he makes a joke on Walder Frey as well?
57) Ah! They have Edmure Tully as captive. Red Wedding references resurface. I feel bad for him though, he’s Frey’s prisoner and his wedding will always bring back horrible memories. 

Game Of Thrones
Source: Twitter.com

58) Jaime is being sent to the Riverlands? Brienne is going there too! They’re meant to be. Sorry Tormund. 

Jaime and Brienne
Jaime and Brienne

59) It’s refreshing to see Jaime drunk and Cersei sober.
60) More references to this trial by combat. Cleganebowl getting lots of hype. 
61) Such sexy chemistry, I often forget they’re siblings.
62) Hi, Uncle Benjen.
63) It’s so nice to see a Stark whose alive. Such few of these endangered species left.
64) So Benjen was also technically dead and then brought back to life. Another thing he has in common with Jon.
65) Daenerys needs a thousand ships, Yara and Theon have many. 

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

66) Wooohoo! It’s always nice to see some dragons.
67) It’s always nice to see Daenerys to sit on a dragon too.
68) Cool speech, Khalessi.
69) My heart is still stuck on Brienne and Jaime meeting at Riverrun. Does that mean a certain Lady Stoneheart will finally make an appearance?

Now our watch begins.

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