Guess Which Bollywood Superstar Is Rumoured To Be Apple's India Brand Ambassador

Rashmi Daryanani , 03 Jun 2016

Apple has declared that India will be a focal point of future expansion, and as such it looks like the company is all set to appoint an Indian brand ambassador. They already have some international ambassadors – like NBA player Steph Curry; soccer player Neymar – and now, if reports are to be believed, the company is planning on bringing Shah Rukh Khan on board as their Indian brand ambassador.

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited India in May, and attended a dinner party hosted by SRK, which had several other Bollywood celebrities in attendance. We don’t know whether the dinner happened because of his appointment as a brand ambassador, or whether Apple had the idea of doing this after said party. Either way, there are rumours that an announcement will be made when Apple launches its new iPhones in India later this year, which may be around October if we are to go by the company’s previous patterns. It’ll be interesting to see how this shapes up!

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