65 Thoughts That Went Through My Head While Watching Episode 7 Of Game Of Thrones S 6!

Shreemi Verma , 06 Jun 2016
Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

Last week’s episode on Game Of Thrones had none of the violence the show is famous for. It started making us believe that the show is slowly moving away from death and torture. The Broken Man too, started with the return of a character most thought was dead (like Benjen Stark in episode 6) and I thought that episode 7 will be relatively happier and shinier as well. But if Valar Morghulis (all men must die) is one of the most popular phrases from the show, then we really can’t expect the series to not have death, can we? But this episode gave us one of coolest 10 year old girl ever and I think Westeros has finally found a queen to look up to. No, it’s not Daenerys.


1) No opening credits?
2) This happened in the first episode of season 4 with Tywin melting Ned Stark’s sword!
3) What are these guys building? What is this place?
4) The Hound! He’s alive! 

The Hound
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5) I love this season, so many people who were good to Starks are alive.
6) Except Hodor. #neverforget #loveyou
7) And Summer and Shaggydog #loveyouguysmorethanthesestupidhumans
8) This bro really doesn’t know how many people the Hound has killed eh?
9) Nice way of letting us know what happened to this chicken lover.
10) I like this guy who saved the Hound. He makes most sense, despite being a follower of the Sept (the religion that High Sparrow comes from)
11) “If the Gods are real why haven’t they punished me?” “They have”
12) Margaery has managed to impress this High Sparrow too. Is there any man she can’t seduce? 

Game Of Thrones
Source: HBO India

13) Renly, I guess. 

Renly from Game Of Thrones
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14) Ugh, they’re discussing sex.
15) High Sparrow and Margaery are discussing her and Tommen’s sex life. One sentence I never thought I’d type. Basically Tommen complained to this priest about Margaery not putting out. Ugh.
16) Listen, I hope she hasn’t really become a fanatic.
17) Is that a sly threat to Olenna Tyrell?
18) I love the Queen of Thorns.
19) She’s doing all this to save her brother. Margaery is too smart for this shit.
20) Wanna punch this Septa’s face. 

Game Of Thrones
Source: HBO India

21) Is this her way of saving her grandma? I bet it is.
22) Awww! It’s a sketch of a rose. She is a Tyrell, she hasn’t forgotten! <3 

Game Of Thrones
Source: HBO India

23) I like Jon’s new look.
24) Come on Wildlings, this guy did a lot for you! HE DIED FOR YOU!
25) Tormund is best.
26) Wun Wun the giant is on Jon’s side, I think Lord Snow has won this round ladies and gentlemen.
27) Cersei is admitting her stupidity. This is new. I miss her banter with Tyrion. 

Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones
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28) Also what’s with no Tyrion since the last two episodes?
29) It looks like Olenna Tyrell has replaced Tyrion when it comes to sassing Cersei. She really will burn the whole thing down. 

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

30) Hi Jaime! Hi Bronn!
31) Best conversation –

Jaime – “A Lannister always…”

Bronn – “Don’t say it, don’t fucking say it”. 

Game Of Thrones
Source: HBO India

32) Catelyn Stark was this guys niece. She was feisty, this one’s a badass.
33) The Blackfish is such a cool name. 

Game Of Thrones
Source: HBO India

34) “Only a fool makes a threat he can’t carry out.” – the wit and sex appeal of Jaime Lannister vol 1. Yea, I need a therapist.
35) I like how he’s using his gold hand, for hitting people real hard.
36) But he’s against the Starks now :(
37) “He’s an old man” “You’ve got one hand” I missed Bronn.
38) Ser Jorah’s house is managed by this awesome little girl! This is amazing. 
39) Lyanna Mormont (named after Lyanna Stark) is one of the smartest girls in this show.
40) Davos to the rescue. He’s very good with little girls. That sounds very wrong. #ShireenForever
41) Always use the White Walkers to make the final point.
42) Lyanna for fucking President.

43) Jaime should really never get off a horse. 

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

44) Okay he looks good while walking too.
45) Does he ever not look good?

Game Of Thrones
Source: HBO India

46) The Blackfish isn’t easy, Jaime. Also where’s Brienne, she’s going go help the Tully’s isn’t she? I need a reunion.
47) House Glover is full of shit.

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

48) All of them are casualties of the war of the five kings. In their eyes Robb Stark is no better than Joffrey Lannister.
49) Boobs. It’s been a while.
50) Yara is a lesbian? Nice!

51) Stop joking about Theon’s castration Yara, come on.
52)Confidence booster as well as drinking buddy #SiblingGoals
53) Yara is all about tough love.
54) Sansa making most sense right now.
55) It’s strangely comforting seeing the Hound again.
56) His saviour wants to bring a little good in this world. He’s going to die.
57) Are these men The Brotherhood Without Banners?
58) Arya wants to go back to Westeros! Braavos hasn’t treated her too well. 

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

59) WTF! That fucking Waif stabbed Arya!
60) Arya cannot die! NO SHE CAN’T! SHE WILL NOT. I WON’T LET THIS HAPPEN. GEORGE R R MARTIN YOUR WIFE WILL DIVORCE YOU. Okay, she hasn’t drowned. But she’s bleeding so much. 

Game of thrones
Source: reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments

61) She doesn’t know which one of these strangers is the Waif. How can she get help? Will the Hound get some special Hound Signal and join forces with her?
62) As predicted, the good people who saved the Hound, who wanted the world to be a good place, are dead.
63) My heart is dead.
64) The Hound will now make sure those guys are dead. 

The Hound and Arya
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65) Cannot wait.

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