Interesting, Aryan Khan's Classmate's Mom Opens Up About Celebrity Parents

Swagata Dam , 08 Jun 2016
Shah Rukh Khan with Aryan and Suhana | Source: Twitter |
Shah Rukh Khan with Aryan and Suhana | Source: Twitter |

Lately, we come across photos and stories about Aryan Khan on the internet as frequently as we see articles about Shah Rukh Khan online. After all, the star kid is quite popular on the social media. While the 19-year old already has a lot of teenage girls swooning over him, his superstar daddy dearest never ceases to catch the fancy of his classmates’ moms. Here are a few excerpts from a piece written by Preeti Singh (whose daughter happened to Aryan’s classmate) for

The pixie dust that made everything look even better, shinier was SRK. In that school, there were many celebrity parents – other Bollywood stars, legendary sportspersons, super-rich business families and top professionals, but SRK was SRK – the first among equals. While SRK and Gauri had no clue who I and dozens of other parents were, their pixie dust changed our lives. Some mothers lost weight to dress up like Gauri, some planned their holidays or bought holiday homes close to the Khans, and others did everything in their power to get their kids to be friends with the Khan kids. And the outside world thought we were royalty too, and best friends with the Khans…

One afternoon my daughter came back with a birthday card from SRK’s son. The party was at Mannat (SRK’s house on Bandstand), and I called on the number provided. Gauri answered the phone. She was sweet, polite, and told me to drop the child at 4.30pm and have her picked up by 7.30pm. Yes, I could send a maid along….

I assume Gauri told every parent the same thing, making it clear that only kids were invited, because the mothers hung out at the Cafe Coffee Day on Bandstand while their children attended the party that evening. And many of these were townie mothers, who thought anything beyond Prabhadevi was Oh So Far….

When Aryan Khan left school in grade eight I felt terribly cheated. Bad timing, because boys and girls were beginning to be friends with each other. I had grand dreams that my daughter would be friends with Aryan Khan; like the mothers of other boys of the class, I would now become friends with Gauri, and exchange SMSes and notes about our kids. Maybe my daughter would go for the IPL matches and be photographed with the boy. I was deprived of that opportunity, and will never know what would have come of it…

My husband and I collected our kids from their classes and I saw mom standing guard over SRK. He sat meekly next to her as she looked around for us. Before I could slip out of view, mom saw me and waved out. Resigned, I walked towards them. She told SRK that I had arrived; he stood up immediately and chatted and posed happily for pictures with my mother. I was mortified as mothers of my daughter’s classmates stood around laughing at my discomfort…

When SRK participated in the parents’ race, none of us noticed our husbands or friends huffing and puffing behind him. Our eyes were locked on SRK, and googly-eyed we had drooled, “Karan Johar knows how to make SRK run… he looks like a dream.” And he really did. Fringes of celebrityhood is a great place to be. Everyone thinks you lead a charmed life…

The only time I ever talked to Gauri was when we were both waiting for our kids after school. She realised that our children were classmates, and asked me if I had put my daughter in any academic classes after school. I said “no”. She enquired if I sent her to sports classes after school. I replied in the negative again and said that I believed in unstructured play. She asked if I spent time teaching her. I said “no”, because I wasn’t brought up by a helicopter parent. She sighed and said, “Thank god. I thought I was the weird one. But my mother let us be, and I let my kids alone as well.” They would all grow up just fine, we both agreed. She never acknowledged me after that conversation, but that day, I fell in love with Gauri as well. The Khans were parents like us all.


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