Here's Something That EVERY Father Should Do For His Daughter

Swagata Dam , 09 Jun 2016

p0vdinckozc8i9hx.D.0.Parineeti-Chopra-Anupam-Kher-Daawat-e-Ishq-Movie-PhotoBeing a generation that endorses equality amongst men and women, both the sexes should ideally have an equal say and responsibilities in things like money matters as well as household chores. But how often do we see that happening? In India, more than 80% of women believe that men feel household chores are ONLY a woman’s job. And therefore, 2 out of every 3 children are also conditioned to believe so. After all, they grow up in an environment where they see their moms doing all the work at home. So who is to be blamed? We are.

It’s time that we start bringing some change around us. The deep-rooted prejudice with defined roles for men and women HAS to be chucked out of our lives, for good. So it’s quite commendable of Ariel India for stepping up and making it happen. Remember the heart-touching ad where a father apologizes to his daughter for not playing a part in making her daughter feel that it’s okay to #ShareTheLoad? After all, in our country, most children are conditioned every day to believe some things are just “mom’s job.” When those young boys grow up, they expect their wives to always do the housework single-handedly . If you haven’t watched this brilliant TVC by Ariel India already, check it out now.

What’s more, Ariel India also conducted a mall activation, where the men got a chance to thank the women in their lives by recording and leaving sweet messages for them. I personally visited R-Mall in Ghatkopar to witness this emotinal movement. It was heartening to see many doting dads walking in to the booth and pouring their heart out to their daughters through the messages. A couple of them were slightly teary-eyed when they stepped out of the booth. Several husbands also left messages for their wives and to my surprise, the kids were quite excited to be a part of this activity. I am quite positve that these little changes will break the prejudice and our future generation will be all for equality. All in all, I was very moved after this event.

Morever, Ariel India even launched the new Ariel Matic ‘ShareTheLoad’ pack which comes with the world’s first ‘Odd-Even’ laundry calendar, which encourages men to do laundry on odd days and women on even days. Isn’t that great?

Actor Irrfan Khan recently launched the pack with his wife Sutapa and said, “I am delighted to launch the ‘ShareTheLoad’ pack with the ‘Odd-Even’ calendar with my wife, because it makes it easier for dads like myself to help with to help with household chores like laundry. And what better than using Ariel Matic.” It’s high time that #LaundryGoesOddEven!

Here are some photos from Ariel India’s mall activation, where the men got a chance to thank the women in their lives by recording and leaving sweet messages for them. Neha from Team MissMalini also posed with a board that read “Happy married because I share the load.” Clearly, her husband knows how to keep his woman happy.


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