Movie Review: There Are Definitely More Than 3 Reasons To Watch TE3N

Swagata Dam , 09 Jun 2016

amitabhbachchan-viyabalan759 Written and directed by Ribhu Dasgupta, Te3n is a nail-biting thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. Set in Kolkata and featuring Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, this mysterious saga is bound to remind you of Kahaani. But AMITABH BACHCHAN and a completely different storyline vividly distinguish this one from it.  An official remake of South Korean movie Montage, Te3n essentially traces the lives of two characters, John Biswas and Father Martin Das.

While John is on an endless quest to find the kidnapper of his granddaughter Angela, ex-cop Martin seeks redemption by walking away from his past and embracing spirituality. Will they find what they are looking for? Vidya is seen as a cop Sarita Sarkar who plays a pivotal role in finding the culprit. Like always, the actress has delivered a good performance but it doesn’t stay with you like her previous acts. She’s good but is easily outshined by her two co-stars.

No points for guessing that Big B and Nawaz have delivered extraordinary realistic performances in the film. It’s because of this duo that you find yourself getting extremely intrigued by the build-up that leads to the climax. The script is rather slow and towards the end, it gets even slower and slightly predictable. In fact, the last 20 minutes of the movie could have been easily chopped off at the edit table.

Ace Bengali actor Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, amongst other character actors, delivers a noteworthy performance. Clinton Cerejo‘s music is slow, just like the movie, and it blends seamlessly with the story. Watch this because it’s a far cry from the typical potboilers. Watch this for Big B’s soul-stirring performance. Watch this for Nawaz. Watch this for Sujoy Ghosh, who produced an unconventional film like this. Watch this because its plot is intriguing. There are definitely more than 3 reasons to watch Te3n.

Rating: ***

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