Is Aryan Khan Dating A "Mystery Girl"? Shah Rukh Khan Speaks Up!

Priyam Saha , 10 Jun 2016
Shah Rukh, Aryan and Karan Johar
Source: Instagram

There’s a lot of interest in Shah Rukh Khan‘s son Aryan Khan‘s life. Every picture of his goes viral and he already has active fan clubs that are awaiting his Bollywood debut with bated breath. Not too long ago, Aryan was spotted partying hard with a mystery girl and that sparked a lot of buzz. Daddy SRK was asked about his son’s relationship status in an interview to HT, he said:

My kids have been very friendly. The conversations I have with them, I would have with my friends, if I had any. So, we sit down and chat, we make fun, we laugh, and we even grieve together. I think parental conversations, Gauri has with them. I don’t ask them about their relationships. They talk to their mother more about stuff like this. But I never ask them. Whenever, they want to say, they say it. But their relationships are things which are completely different from the kind of films I do (laughs).

Well, maybe Gauri Khan knows :P

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