Guess Who's Making A Special Appearance In This Super Cool Web-Series!

Shreemi Verma , 10 Jun 2016
Confessions - It' Complicated
Confessions – It’s Complicated

The latest episode of one of our favourite web-series Confessions, It’s Complicated is basically the best ever. Why? Because bosslady MissMalini makes an appearance! How does that happen? Well, Sameera and Raka go to Nupur to get her to come back, because they’re best friends and they’re amazing. Nupur is sulky, but dying to get out of her aunt’s. Then, MissMalini tweets to them (she’s nice like that) and the girls go to MM HQ where they talk to Malini about their journey and get some solid advice from her. Here are the 3 invaluable life lessons MM gave them –

1) All through school you pay to learn things, with a job people are going to pay you to teach you things! 

2) Without the bitter, the sweet isn’t that sweet. 

3) You have to put it out in the universe, the universe will conspire to get things done for you. 

Watch the episode right away!

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