When Sunil Grover seduced Randeep Hooda...

Swagata Dam , 10 Jun 2016
Rohit Kamra
Randeep Hooda in Rohit Kamra

A while ago, Randeep Hooda wowed everyone with his impressive performance in Sarabjit. And the hottie has always been quite popular amongst the women. Sunil Grover, who plays a Haryanvi lady cop in The Kapil Sharma show also got into his character and went all out to woo the actor.

Says a source from the set, “When Randeep and Kajal came to promote their upcoming movie, as part of the gag Sunil was dressed as a female Haryani cop. He was on the lookout of a miscreant and was sure that it was Randeep. As a punishment, he tied Randeep to a chair and started seducing him. He used a feather and ice to tickle him as Randeep went pink in the cheeks. Sunil also used a hunter and started dancing for Randeep. Tied to the chair, he couldn’t do anything but laugh his heart out watching Sunil’s funny antics.”


Haha! I cannot watch this fun episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, can you? To catch all the action, tune in to The Kapil Sharma Show, SaturdaySunday at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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