10 Times Parineeti Chopra's Wardrobe Choices Reflected Our Vibe Perfectly!

Alisha Fernandes , 13 Jun 2016
Parineeti Chopra (Source: Instagram)
Parineeti Chopra (Source: Instagram)

Parineeti Chopra seems much-less like a star and much more like a real girl in our honest opinion. From her general vibe we think that we could very easily be friends with her. Even more so because she seems very unaffected when it comes to her style too. So much so, that during one particular day dreaming sesh, I was imagining being good enough friends with Parineeti to be able to raid her closet any time I felt like. Imagine that! How awesome would that be?

So, on the off chance that we might actually hit it off and become friends, I’ve taken the privilege of making my list of favourites that I’ll borrow right off the bat.

1. Coz cold-shoulders are in

2. Coz there’s nothing quite like a bright yellow dress

3. Coz we live for fun prints

4. Coz army green is boss

5. Coz stripes, duh

6. Coz flower power is the best kind of power

7. Coz pink is our forever obsession

8. Coz funky always works for us

9. Coz you can never go wrong with black

10. Coz plaid is perfect

We can’t wait for Meri Pyaari Bindu to wrap and promotions to start because obviously we’re dying to see more of Parineeti’s style.

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